Huron Christian School

Huron Christian School Staff

The staff at Huron Christian School is highly dedicated and energetic. All teachers are fully certified and qualified, as well as being committed Christians. We are grateful to the staff for their dedication to the profession and for their love of the students.



Mr. Nick Geleynse



Mrs. Natasha Cameron - Junior Kindergarten
Mrs. Dianne Soer - Senior Kindergarten
Mrs. Karen VanWyk - Grade One/Two, Co-Vice Principal
Miss Alanna Uyl - Grade Two/Three
Mrs. Jennica Kuyvenhoven - Grade Three
Mrs. Sonya Wubs - Grade Three
Miss Shailene Norg - Grade Four, French, Co-Vice Principal
Mr. Dan Vanden Boogaard - Grade Five
Mr. Daryl DeBoer - Grade Six/Seven
Mrs Jacquie Scott - Grade Eight
Mrs. Betty Toornstra - Resource


Support Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Branderhorst - Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Marsha Van Essen- Educational Assistant
Mrs. Trina Boersma - Building Blocks, Educational Assistant
Mrs. Pam Little - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Margot Uyl - Educational Assistant
Murray Hammel & Michelle Thompson - Custodians


Bus Drivers

Jeanette Boekee - Blyforth Run
Jessica Helder - Goderich Run
Gerben Wynja - Exeter Run
Bernice Raidt - Wingham Run
Leo Weverink - Usbourne Run 
Coming Events